//۲۷ miles is a long way to run and you won’t make it

۲۷ miles is a long way to run and you won’t make it

Always forward thinking, the Japanese decided to take on the established big guys. In their familiar, patient and methodical oriental way, they made improvement after improvement. Over the decades, they caught up. 27 miles is a long way to run and you won't make it without water along the way. The Limassol Marathon is run in the sun and so water will be essential to keep cool and hydrate you along the way. Limassol might be a coast marathon but that's not the sort of water you want!.

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Whatever you think about, do not stay awake thinking about it. Lack of sleep causes many problems, such as irritability, fatigue, and forgetfulness. If you get the sleep that you need, on the other hand, you can be more energetic, more productive, and potentially healthier.

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