//But for a while, there was a chance

But for a while, there was a chance

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cheap jerseys nba What are the rules for seating kids on the buses?"The rules are clear that kids have to wear masks on the buses and they need to social distance.Beyond that it gets murky fast."It does seem to allow for some flexibility, but how to interpret that isn't clear,' Lowry said.There is conflicting guidance: State education rules say students who are able must wear masks and social distance on the bus. The department defines social distance as six feet apart.But state health department guidelines say masks are required and "individuals should maintain appropriate social distancing, unless they are members of the same household." The health department requires districts to detail in their plans "how social distancing will be conducted on the buses."Both the governor's office and Onondaga County Health officials said state health department rules supersede state education rules, which leaves officials to ask how much social distance is required.The county's interpretation is that kids can be seated within six feet of each other on the bus, but the county is awaiting verification they are correct, said Justin Sayles, speaking for Onondaga County. He wasn't sure if that means one child per seat or two per seat that's a question for the state, he said.Jason Conwall, a spokesman for the governor's office, on Wednesday said school superintendents need to figure out for themselves how far apart kids should be on the bus based on the state guidelines cheap jerseys nba.

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