//Canberra Business Chamber interim chief executive

Canberra Business Chamber interim chief executive

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale This is a rapidly changing situation and we want to make sure our readers are as informed as possible.Planned events are being cancelled en mass after the federal government recommended against "non essential" mass gatherings of 500 plus people from Monday."I don't think the hospitality sector has faced a challenge like this," Mr Rees said."My primary concern is the mass cancellation of events and function bookings, which translates to foot traffic and revenue."I have large club groups reporting 20 30 per cent cancellations for events across the board and that number is increasing."State of emergency declared in the ACTHow do I know I have COVID 19?School assemblies and excursions banned in ACTCancer ward reopened as influx of coronavirus patients expectedWoolies to hold elderly only shopping hourMore coronavirus newsAustralian Hotels Association ACT general manager Anthony Brierley said he was alarmed at how quickly the situation was deteriorating.He wanted the ACT government to offer concessions on commercial rates and payroll tax to help businesses trade through the coming months.There are fears within the hospitality sector that businesses could go under within weeks if support is not forthcoming.Canberra Business Chamber interim chief executive Graham Catt was concerned that after weathering the horror summer, the coronavirus outbreak could be the final straw for some businesses."They [fears that businesses will close] are very real," he said. "People are holding out for things to come good and that's just not going to happen."While the ACT has the highest payroll tax threshold in the nation, Mr Catt said the government still had room to provide more relief. He suggested the government could also place a temporary moratorium on commercial rates.. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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canada goose coats Morrison and Frydenberg need to take advantage of the fact money has never been cheaper to kick start some of the many nation building infrastructure projects that have been left in the too hard basket for far too long. After all, a key takeout from Wednesday's figures is that Australia is now well into its 29th year of quarter on quarter economic growth. There are parents with children almost ready to go to secondary school who have never experienced an economic downturn in their lifetimes.We are still delivering growth numbers many developed countries would love to see.Contrast this to the experience of the school leavers who entered the workforce in the early 1980s when both inflation and unemployment were running at well in excess of 10 per cent or the workers who struggled through "the recession we had to have" less than a decade later when unemployment topped out at levels not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.If you took the time to ask a 90 year old whose life experience included the 1929 crash, the economic disruption caused by World War II and at least three major economic downturns since then, they would tell you that we've never had it so good for such an extended period canada goose coats.

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