//Coming to Halong Bay, tourists should not miss an

Coming to Halong Bay, tourists should not miss an

It may set us up for a risk for strong thunderstorms on Thursday. Some showers may become possible as early as Wednesday night. Most indications are the rain will hold off long enough for Halloween trick or treating on Wednesday evening. Coming to Halong Bay, tourists should not miss an interesting activity like dining in a certain cave. A few cruises offer this service on their trips and the members of crews will prepare a delicious and delightful diner in the cave. Some cruises add this activity as one of their included activities while others make it optional activity..

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Reported case fatality rates vary greatly from country to country (range 0 17%), but are strongly age dependent in all settings. China, which initially saw a case fatality rate greater than 10%, now has a CFR of 0.7% as its epidemic winds down. Most models anticipate that the global case fatality rate will ultimately be determined to be to near or just below 1%..

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