//Especially today!!!! You just seemed there, but not

Especially today!!!! You just seemed there, but not

nba cheap jerseys "I was telling her I am allowed to wear this mask, the CEO of Target is all about the Black Lives Matter movement."The customer said that her ancestors were in the Holocaust, which is "worse than slavery" and told Tana she needed "to educate" herself," Tana recalled.The customer was screaming that Tana was "racist against white people," she said.Tana said a security guard intervened and told the customer, "If you do not leave, we will call the police."The customer responded: "Do you want more police brutality to come? Because they will come," according to Tana.Tana said the guard, who is Black, was taken aback by the woman's response."He was being very civil with her," Tana said. "He told her that she was causing a disturbance."The woman left the store. About half an hour later, after her shift ended, Tana said she went outside to meet her boyfriend who was waiting for her in his car.

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