//For example, if you have a character picking up a

For example, if you have a character picking up a

The unnatural movement is generated when you make an adjustment to the movement of the character by adding keyframes to change the rhythm. For example, if you have a character picking up a cheap jerseys box, maybe you need the character to take a little longer to extend the arm, then move a little faster to pick up the box. You can either use more keyframes (easy, but risky), or adjust the interpolation curves (harder but safer and more natural)..

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Here is the irony; I have been on the phone a few times with 911 or pulling the alarm at the LRT because no one else will. I have seen normal, everyday people having medical emergencies and being passed out, and watched people step right over the person in need of help. I have even had the unfortunate experience of helping a toddler find her mom while probably hundreds of people walked by and did nothing.

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