//He met with his “life long” crush Jennifer Anniston

He met with his “life long” crush Jennifer Anniston

Imagine walking into a showroom and being greeted by their employee of the year a dog. That is exactly the role that Tucson Prime, a street dog adopted by a Hyundai showroom, fulfills with aplomb. The heartwarming story of Tucson Prime has won thousands of hearts after going viral on social media recently.

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It is important to follow nutritional guidelines once the diagnosis of Crohn's disease is given, especially adding vitamins to ensure that the health is not affected. Vitamins are useful when you're not getting good digestion. Ah and having Crohn's disease sometimes makes it difficult to consume those healthy fibers at all.

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Over a period of some weeks now I have been talking (writing!) about Social Media and how to use it to your benefit. Especially in the context of Content Marketing! All very well and good but if you don't know what Content Marketing is, it doesn't help you much. So here we go.

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Related LinksA Mass. Judge and court officer allegedly helped a defendant evade ICE. Illegally sneak out of the courthouse to evade an immigration enforcement agent can move toward trial, a federal judge ruled Monday. This day was a little different as I had been out for dinner and drinks with a couple of the Directors and to be honest we had all consumed too much alcohol. At close to midnight I walked into the operations center and asked for my key. There was confusion for a few minutes.

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