//I think it gave our guys some confidence

I think it gave our guys some confidence

Many states that have been administering elections in person for decades are now attempting to pivot to mail voting, allowing people to vote absentee without an excuse or by citing COVID 19 as a legitimate medical reason. But not all. Supreme Court rejected a Democratic lawsuit that sought to allow all Texas voters to choose mail ballots.

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I thought the night has ended but there was another surprise waiting for me. I must mention beforehand that I am not a lover of BBQ but at Khanji even the BBQ did not bother me. Maybe it was because of the beautiful Truck Art that they have displayed all over the place.

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Now my wife makes me flap jacks at home, two inch diameter, two bites and its gone, these filled the plate, eight inch at least and almost three quarter thick. Not to appear over whelmed, I dug in, here came the lass, convinced she was coming to reclaim at least half the flap jacks, I gave her a smile. "Got it wrong?" I wanted to ask, but no, she refilled my coke.

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