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It’s a tricky one: players have to hold pull down a

Photo: Rohan ThomsonMs Chapman got the idea from a similar fundraiser conducted by the Avalon Public School in 2012 which saw the humble school cookbook elevated to a glossy competitor in the crowded cook book market. Ms Chapman knew her students and their families loved cooking and experimenting in the kitchen as evidenced by the enthusiastic embrace of school vegie patches which produce food for the canteen.At 250 pages, Ainslie Food will retail for $35. It includes recipes ranging from local school dad Dave Versace's chickpea fattoush, to one of the sponsor restaurants Sage Dining room's poached chicken with Morbier and raw broccoli.A handful of recipes also come from Ainslie School parents Justin Kavanagh and Jeff Piper who run the acclaimed Thirst Wine Bar and Eatery in Civic.You can chose between the Thai style beef salad, chicken larb, baked fish in curry coconut crust or chicken coconut salad for a home made take on some of their restaurant staples.Meanwhile, recipes such as a hearty veal pie and a foolproof pavlova cater for more traditional tastes.With sponsors including Italian and Sons, Sage Dining Rooms, Shop Girl Flower Girl, and the Ainslie IGA, the book has some fine dining street credibility with more than a few cheese ingredients thrown in for good measure.One of the driving forces behind it (P president and a mother to three girls at the school) Nova Inkpen said every effort was made by the organising committee and parents involved to keep the standards of production high."The Ainslie school community has really gotten behind this project and it is a community which takes its food very seriously, so we feel blessed in that sense to have the calibre of recipes included and to have the beautiful photography by food photographer Nathan Lanham and community photographer Mel McDonald."Dr Inkpen also singled out former Fairfax Food and Wine editor Kirsten Lawson for editing the book "and for helping make sure that for us non foodie types we can recreate these dishes, knowing what exact amount to use when someone calls for a dash of this or a sprinkle of that."So far, pre orders of the book have raised $2000 with Dr Inkpen hoping the rest of Canberra might like to share in the secrets of Canberra's gastronomic inner north..

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