//Netanyahu has been charged with fraud

Netanyahu has been charged with fraud

A revised framework will be put in place for outcome based accreditation and credit based programmes. The numbers say: While the finance minister talked about reforming the UGC, which funds and regulates higher education, that is not reflected in the budgetary allocations. In the 2015 16 budget, the UGC funds were cut by 53% from Rs 8,906 crore to Rs 4,185 crore.

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cheap jerseys "Part of my current responsibilities is to do my best to make the transition to the new president, F. King Alexander, as seamless and undramatic as possible. A key element of that is to have a world class leadership team. JERUSALEM (AP) After entering the record books last year as Israel's longest serving prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu will once again make history when he becomes the country's first sitting leader to go on trial.Surrounded by security guards, Netanyahu is set to march into Jerusalem's district court for arraignment on a series of corruption charges on Sunday. The stunning scene will push Israel into uncharted political and legal territory, launching a process that could ultimately end the career of a leader cheap nfl jerseys who has been undefeatable at the ballot box for over a decade.Netanyahu has been charged with fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes in a series of cases. He is accused of accepting expensive gifts, such as cartons of champagne and cigars, from wealthy friends and offering favors to media moguls in exchange for favorable news coverage of him and his family.In the most serious case, he is accused of promoting legislation that delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of profits to the owner of a major telecom company while wielding behind the scenes editorial influence over the firm's popular news website.Netanyahu has wholesale nfl jerseys denied the charges, claiming he is the victim of an "attempted coup" by overaggressive police, biased prosecutors and a hostile media."It's the classic deep state argument," said Gayil Tashir, a political scientist at Israel's Hebrew University cheap jerseys.

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