//Thank you, now we know the rest of the story and the

Thank you, now we know the rest of the story and the

(Former Bombers lineman Doug Brown put it this way, last year, citing LaPolice: said it was like playing in a mall, where you can hear the elevator music and people are screaming for their kids and you hear the shoppers milling around and stuff like that. The optimist, Cohon does not like to use the term when discussing the Argos. He more positive in his evaluation: biggest opportunity is here in Toronto, he said instead..

Even when the film shifts into a courtroom drama, it balances the drama with real life humour and authentic emotional intensity. Watching these two compassionate men face systematic homophobia is pretty shocking, but filmmaker Fine never lets this become an issue movie: it's an involving story about people standing up for what's right. And by anchoring everything in the relationships, the film remains warm, relaxed and likeably awkward.

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