//The choice of Alabama running back Josh Jacobs made

The choice of Alabama running back Josh Jacobs made

8, 2017. Supplied, Tony SempleFraserThis family home at 14503 24 St. NW has a little something for everyone. It was the start of a tradition for the pioneering Brumbies: a nominated player telling their teammates what the Brumbies meant to them the day before a game.They had hoped to hear some of those tales again this weekend, regaling war stories of their "Melrose Place" apartments in Kingston and pre season camps at Jindabyne.The scheduled Brumbies' clash against the Cape Town Stormers on Saturday was supposed to be a celebration of the first Brumbies team as well as the insane highs of Super Rugby domination and international triumphs, the heartbreak of losing teammates or forced retirements and the lows of sacked coaches, player divides and off field dramas.The reunion has been postponed because of coronavirus, but the bulk of the original Brumbies walked down a 1996 memory lane with The Canberra Times this week.They spoke of the gathering at Rod Macqueen's house to decide the jersey design and David Giffin turning down a $40,000 offer from Queensland to take a $15,000 Brumbies gamble.Or the time the team stayed at the Enoggera Army barracks in Brisbane before the days of five star hotels."We learnt a lot about Marco Caputo. His mum must have done all his washing up until that point, and everyone got sick," says Brumby No. 9 Gregan.Owen Finegan (Brumby No.

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