//The Huskies went blow for blow with Stanford on the

The Huskies went blow for blow with Stanford on the

Sheridan School of Business students Crystal Bennett, Jayme Bennett, and Chris Carre competed in the Vanier College event. Vanier Case challenges are grueling encounters that demand creativity, knowledge, clear thinking, steady nerves and good presentation skills. During the competition students, in teams of three, are isolated for three hours to analyze a business problem they have never seen before, create a Power Point presentation then present a viable marketing plan before a panel of judges.

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cheap nba jerseys Karen Booth a Program Coordinator at the Pilon School of Business and a Judge during the competition commented on the competition saying, "I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the competition as a judge. I was impressed with the creative ideas generated and the overall level of professionalism from all of the teams." Nicholas Soares who competed in the HR stream noted, am impressed with the professionalism of the event, as well as the very diverse and creative strategies used by the all of the finalists. It is a testament to the wealth of knowledge here at Sheridan to this year winners: Kristina O Nicole Johnpulle (HR novice), Gabriella Cevallos Sepher Kharazi (HR advanced),Nehal Phillips Nicholas Soares (Marketing advanced) and Sheldon Samlall (Marketing novice) cheap nba jerseys.

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