//The older brother of former Super Bowl champion Andre

The older brother of former Super Bowl champion Andre

"People who had never met either of those folks felt so much for their situation," she said. "The feedback has been heartening."Readers have shared their support for the stories highlighted by TogetherNJ, and, Mazzola explained, those featured in the articles have as well, particularly if they are hoping to raise money or collect donations. Sometimes, she said, you get a note back from someone who has been profiled and often they are humbled, but appreciative, that their cause has gotten help thanks to TogetherNJ."I've been struck by the messages that we've got from just general members of the community who may have nothing to do with the particular topic we've written about but are just really touched by what's been happening out there," Mazzola said.Some of those helping produce TogetherNJ include Jessica Remo, who, Mazzola explained, took the idea of doing a Together NJ podcast and "ran with it," spearheading efforts to use the platform to tell stories in a different way."I don't know if there are any that I've watched that haven't made me tear up," Mazzola said.

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cheap jerseys nba Reche Caldwell, who had one of his best seasons as a wide receiver in the NFL alongside Tom Brady at the New England Patriots, has reportedly been shot and killed at the age of 41 during an attempted robbery at his home in Tampa.Caldwell is said to have returned home to retrieve a jacket while preparing to take his girlfriend on a date when he was shot in the chest and leg by two intruders, according to accounts quoting the former NFL star's mother, Deborah, which claim that the attack was a targeted rather than random murder.The older brother of former Super Bowl champion Andre died in the ambulance on his way to hospital after emergency services arrived at the scene, according to a TMZ report that says two ambushers leapt out of bushes in an attempt to rob him.Caldwell, whose real name is Donald, spent half of his six season NFL career with first team San Diego Chargers before switching to the Patriots in 2006, where he caught 61 passes from Brady for 760 yards and four touchdowns all career highs.NFL player wielded GUN and 'threatened to kill everybody' during poker game row over 'alleged sexual assault of four year old son'"He was a good person who smiled all of the time," his mother is said to have told the outlet."He tried to help everyone he could. He was the type of guy who would take his shirt off his back and give it to you."The Florida Gators, for whom Caldwell played college football, announced they were "deeply saddened" by the news. Always had the biggest smile cheap jerseys nba.

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