//This is why the Cleveland school district and

This is why the Cleveland school district and

Researchers found that chronically lonely people have an increased expression of genes that are involved with inflammation, and a decreased expression of genes involved in antiviral response. Not only were loneliness and gene expression predictable a year or so later, both were apparently reciprocal, each being able in time to propagate the other.It will be interesting to see results of studies conducted after the coronavirus pandemic abates somewhat to learn whether loneliness and gene expression are, indeed, reciprocal as well as what further associations between the two can be confirmed.People with Dementia Are at Higher Risk for LonelinessA 2016 report from Alzheimer's Australia found that people suffering from dementia and their caregivers are "significantly more lonely" than the general public, and that their experience levels of loneliness are similar. Both those with dementia and their caregivers have smaller social circles and tend to see outsiders less frequently, although those with dementia are at even greater risk for loneliness due to diminished social contacts.Since many individuals suffering with dementia, whether in nursing homes or being cared for by family members in their own residences, are more prone to loneliness than those who are not afflicted with the debilitating condition.

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