//Used the former Dodger tennis greats before me and

Used the former Dodger tennis greats before me and

I witnessed some great hitting and fielding through the years with those two. Another was Mickey Mantle; didn't care much for the Yankees, but I enjoyed listening to his hitting prowess on the radio. On August 13, 1995, as I was driving to the radio station in Pennsylvania to prep for my sports talk show, a news report aired that Mantle had passed away.

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What is she working on now? Newton is still designing. Her knitted aviator hat with earflaps is on the cover of the current VogueKnitting magazine. She continues to design for magazines and yarn companies. Michael Jordan's 6 0 record in the NBA Finals, coupled with years of effortless soaring and late game heroics, conjured an air of invincibility and inevitability. But the Chicago Bulls' fifth and sixth titles were studies in survival. Episode 9 detailed two trying moments in Jordan's second three peat: the famous "Flu Game" against the Utah Jazz in the 1997 Finals and a seven game triumph over the Indiana Pacers in the 1998 Eastern Conference finals.By this point, Jordan was well into his 30s.

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