//Wyatt came out and said Cena accepted his challenge

Wyatt came out and said Cena accepted his challenge

If the members don come together, there will be investors that will come in and buy it. But the mere fact of it being shut down right now, it a really weird feeling it wasn for that place, who knows where I would be right now? If it wasn for Bearspaw Who knows? knows?That, right now, sort of sums up the future of Bearspaw Country Club, a private facility just northwest of Calgary city limits that has met financial ruin due to massive cost overruns on construction of a new clubhouse.According to multiple members, the initial budget for that project the plan also included a full driving range and short game practice area was about $15 million, but the expected price tag has since soared to closer to $25 million.Not many golf clubs, especially in this neck of the woods, have that sort of loot in the bank.Due to delays and errors and the climbing cost, the still not completed clubhouse has been a source of growing frustration at Bearspaw for the past couple of summers.Members had already made several smaller contributions before the most recent ask a call for 250 shareholders to ante up $10,000 apiece. Word is, only 215 wrote that cheque, with some of the others thinking they would lose their equity status but would perhaps still have playing privileges.The end result was much worse than that.After the deadline passed just over a week ago, members were informed via email from the board of directors last Wednesday: that at present the club does not have a viable go forward operation and no funds on hand to operate, we are ceasing active operations immediately.

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